About our company

Big wholesaler in a second hand industry

Mission and value of
Second For You

Our company collects, sorts and sell used clothing all over the world and thus contributes to the protection of the environment.
Our team is a real team of people who cooperate with each other, share experiences and views, so today Second For You is a large company in the field of second-hand industry.
We select the highest quality products, offering to our customers only the best.
We cooperate with the most efficient transport companies and export all over the world.
We invite you to visit the Second For You warehouse to evaluate the quality of our work.

About us

Second For You is a modern bright company. We have several directions. One of them is the Second Hand wholesale industry. We know exactly how to do a business well. Second For You has the resources to export a big volumes of clothes. We are known as open, modern and flexible company, therefore we offer only a reasonable prices, because we value flexibility and always take into account the changes on the market. Unlike other companies, we provide our customers with the opportunity to choose clothes by season and class. We always give to each new partner a discount on the first container.



Innovation it is a key

What is the key of our success?

Regular training and updates in the company, close-knit work.

Questions? We are always in contact 24/7!

We will always help you in choosing a product. It will fit your needs perfectly.

The reliable partner for your business

We offer You a big selection of clothes and shoes

How can we achieve our goal?

We have been passionately working since 2010 in the field of used clothing.


What we are doing

Our goal is a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. When building a business with a new partner, we take into account the interests of both parties and always strive for success.

The closest to any person are their children, husband or wife, and parents. Then – business partners. Yes, not relatives or friends, business partners. Be our partner!