Mans clothes

Suits, trousers, shirts, T-shirts, belts, shorts, socks, work clothes, sportswear, underwear, ties, pajamas.

Womens clothes

Trousers, shorts, dresses, skirts,
T-shirts, blouses, shirts, scarves, swimwear, pajamas, nightgowns, underwear.

Children clothes

T-shirts, trousers, shorts, blouses, dresses, hats, underwear.


Shoes for different seasons, bags, belts.


Export Partnership

Second For You is a company that is an exporter of second hand items. We have a large assortment of things. Our high quality product comes from England and Scotland. We collect our goods in two ways:

  • container collection;
  • door-to-door collection (direct agreements with store chains).

1. Package

The finished product, which has passed a thorough sorting, is put into the press. The goods are compressed under pressure and tightened with durable plastic straps.

2. High quality product for all continents

Thanks to our experience, we sort things by grades A&B, C, African grade summer mix and also Pakistan grade.

3. Container


  • 20 ‘container holds 13 tons
  • 40-foot container holds 26 tons

4. Transportation

We interact with all transport procedures to the port or the requested city. We work closely with the best logistics companies. The container is prepared and loaded on our factory. After loading, we clear the goods for export, issue all relevant documents and certificates, only after that the goods are sent to their destination. Our managers provide full support throughout the entire chain, from order to delivery.


Description of the Good and price

Type Weight of bale (kg) Price (USD)
Sammer mix 100 0.70
Children summer mix 100 0.60
Jeans 100 0.60
Type Weight of bale (kg) Price (USD)
Summer mix 100 0.55
Children summer mix 100 0.50
Jeans 100 0.45
Toys 100 0.40
Batal 100 0.40
Classic 100 0.35
National suits, dresses 100 0.33
School Uniform 100 0.37
Type Weight of bale (kg) Price (USD)
Summer mix 100 0.32
Shoes 100 0.55
Bedsheet 100 0.70
Towels 100 0.37
Blanket 100 0.37
Bags 100 0.70
Batal 100 0.25
Type Weight of bale (kg) Price (USD)
Summer mix 100 0.17
Type Weight of bale (kg) Price (USD)
Winter mix 100 0.27
Velvet 100 0.23
Sweaters 100 0.25
Bathrobe pajama 100 0.23
Type Weight of bale (kg) Price (USD)
Garbage (А, В, С grade) 100 0.10

* discount for each partner counted individually.

Why Choose Second For You

  1. Second For You has its own warehouse with easy access for cars and containers. The pressing equipment is new and the staff is well educated. We carefully sort things of any category, according to the requirements of each customer. Our new customer is our story. The range of products is constantly being updated and growing up. We offer you the opportunity to buy inexpensive, sorted, well-compressed items at an acceptable and competitive prices. See photos by category!
  2. The sorting process by your demand can be accompanied by photos and videos. You can see online what we are doing and how we are preparing your shipment for delivery. Each customer is assigned a personal manager who will answer any questions, including the organization of transportation all over the world.
  3. We are devoted to our work, we value your time, you can build reliable and long-term relationships with us. We treat every customer with great care, passion and respect.


Second for You is looking for partners for close cooperation with chain stores, charitable, religious public organizations. Our company is flexible and open to all businesses (even the smallest), become our partner and take advantage of our flexible rates and purchasing power. We welcome all businesses and organizations. Whether it’s a charity, local, or casual clothing store.

Become our partner today – contact us for more detailed purchasing information.


How to do an order



Leave the order or call or send an email and our manager contact you immideately.

Our consultant finds out your needs, invites you to visit our warehouse and clarify other details.





We organize a tour for company representatives, demonstrate products and sorting processes.

In case of successful negotiations, we sign a contract for the supply of clothing.





We collect the order and make a delivery to any part of the world.