Second Hand wholesale to Africa


Second For You is the leading supplier of recycled second hand clothes to the African market. Sorting of goods is carried out according to the following grades: A, B, C, D.

We sell used clothing from theEndland and Scottland by wholesale prices.

Worldwide, only about 15% of damaged clothes are recycled, but Second For You is making a difference. We sell second-hand clothing to customers all over the world.

loading of goods
We work with second-hand shops, charities and commercial companies, recycling millions of kilograms of clothing, shoes and household items every year. Nice clothing is in a high demand almost everywhere. We offer second-hand clothing and household items to people who need it.
loading of goods

We are interested in selling our products, so we approach to each client individually. At Second For You we try to create comfortable conditions for everyone who cooperates with us.

You can find more details about the terms of delivery and assortment on the Export page.

If you are looking for quality at competitive prices, please contact us.

Are you interested in a business of second hand sphere?

Contact us and we’ll help you to find the Good that’s right for you. Working with Second For You allows you to focus on your business goals – we also handle all supply issues in close cooperation with you.

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